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Kakum National Park

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Kakum National Park

Welcome to Kakum National Park, an enchanting retreat nestled in Ghana's verdant rainforest. Experience the thrill of our Canopy Walkway, offering panoramic views of the lush canopy. Join our knowledgeable guides for an informative exploration of diverse trails, encountering unique wildlife along the way. Start your adventure at our Visitor Center, a hub of information and local crafts. Be prepared for tropical wonders, wear comfortable attire, and respect safety guidelines. Kakum National Park invites you to connect with nature, explore, and contribute to the preservation of this ecological gem. Embark on an eco-adventure that seamlessly blends education, conservation, and the natural beauty of West Africa. Explore, learn, and connect at Kakum National Park—a harmonious blend of adventure and awe-inspiring natural heritage.

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Kakum Recreational Park Exhibition Hall Picnic Area Tree Houses Camp Sites Washrooms Reception Area Hiking Trails Waiting Area Gift Shops Restaurant Staff Shed Rest Stops Photo Shop Check Point for Tours Canopy Walkway

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Survived the Kakum canopy walkway! Yah, all 7, no shortcuts unlike some people I know. First step and I almost quit Lmaooooo nbs but I got a young man with enough vim for both of us go before me and it was vim nkoaa. It almost ended in tears but it didn't okay? that's what's important! Focus! 😂

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Hike through Kakum National Rainforest. Very hot, very high humidity but a spectacular experience 🌿

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Kakum National park was a recharging experience. I loved the experience!

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One of the things that I love about Ghana is it's diversity. Kakum national park is located in Cape Coast in Ghana. The most awesome part of this expansive national park is the very fun canopy walk which helps you explore the canopy of the rainforest through the clouds. I experienced this and it was soooooo fun!

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