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Canopy Walk Details

The canopy walkway is a highlight of Kakum National Park. It consists of seven bridges suspended between treetops, offering stunning views of the rainforest.
Be aware that the walkway can be quite high above the ground, so it may not be suitable for those with a fear of heights.


Footwear and Clothing

Wear comfortable and sturdy shoes suitable for walking, as you’ll be navigating trails and bridges.
Dress in lightweight, breathable clothing, as it can get quite humid in the rainforest.


Guided Tours

Consider taking a guided tour to enhance your experience. Knowledgeable guides can provide information about the flora, fauna, and cultural significance of the park.
Guides can also help you navigate the trails safely.



The park is located in a rainforest, so be prepared for tropical weather. It’s advisable to bring a rain jacket or poncho, especially if you visit during the rainy season.


Health and Fitness

The trails and canopy walk require a moderate level of fitness. Inform your guide of any health concerns or physical limitations.
Stay hydrated, especially in the humid climate, and carry a water bottle.


Wildlife and Photography

Kakum is home to various wildlife, including birds and butterflies. Bring binoculars if you’re interested in birdwatching.
Photography is allowed, but be respectful of nature. Avoid using flash around wildlife.


Safety Measures

Follow the safety guidelines provided by the park authorities and your guide.
Stay on designated trails and follow instructions when on the canopy walkway.


Entry Fees and Timings

Check the park’s official website or contact them for information on entry fees, opening hours, and any special events or closures.



Note that some areas of the park may not be accessible to individuals with mobility challenges. Inquire about accessibility options if needed.


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Public Transport

You can access a bus or taxi from “Abura station” or “Pedu Junction”. From there, get route taxi or trotro to the entrance of Kakum National Park.
The other way is taking a hire a taxi from CapeCoast.
On the way to Kakum, you will pass through Monkey Forest Sanctuary and The Rain forest lodge.

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